2:14pm 01-21-2021
Victoria a Hart
I love the game but I just am too stupid to leave well enough alone and keep dieing. looking forward to reading your books.
12:01pm 12-14-2020
Nicolette P Sapp
I love the world of Nicki Styx. So entranced. Thanks beautiful!
2:20am 02-17-2019
I have fallen in love with Styx & Charon. Would love to see a Keely & Spider book and a Bijou & Odessa short!
2:20pm 08-14-2018
I love your books. I have the entire Nikki Styx Series. I Love Sammy
9:57am 08-14-2018
I love your books! Please give us more Nikki, and more Sammy!!
3:32pm 10-29-2017
I NEED to see more Nikki and definitely more Sammy !!!!
2:51pm 01-14-2017
Debbi Morin
I'm ready to see the dark side. And you even have cookies I hear.
9:22pm 11-01-2016
LOVE your books!!! Will they be available through audible soon?'
1:19pm 03-14-2016
Annie Figi
Are there going to be any more Devil books? I think the father story line is brilliant.
9:35pm 01-28-2016
12:55am 01-21-2016
Thank you for special price
11:42pm 11-29-2015
Marcy Lynn Strahan
2:00pm 11-08-2015
Just ordered my first book...can hardly wait to read it. I love to find new authors and your books sound like fun reads. I'm sure I'll be hooked.
7:24pm 09-15-2015
Kelly Ryder
Absolutely love all of your books.
11:33am 09-15-2015
Jennifer Perkins
Love your books so much
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