7:52pm 10-24-2014
Just discovered your books and have been buying them one after the other. They are great. Keep them coming!!!
9:12pm 10-19-2014
Hi Terri,
I just recently discovered your books and I love them. I devoured the first 3 Nicki books in a few days. I've also bought the Sammy ones also, can't wait to start those.
My mom passed away two weeks ago, she was 83. You're books have made me laugh and smile thru a sad time. Mom was an avid reader and as an only child, she instilled me with a love of reading.
Thanks for such well thought out characters, their voices are true and clear.
Looking forward for future books
11:31am 10-14-2014
I love your Nicki Styx books. keep 'em coming!!!!!!!!!!!
11:28am 10-14-2014
Any new Sammy Devine books on the horizon? Love to read about him!
5:24pm 09-07-2014
Naomi Sifuentes
I love your books. I've read the entire series about 3 times and they haven't gotten old yet. I can't wait for the 5th one. Also, I hope we can find a happy ending for Samael.
2:32am 09-07-2014
Chavonna Hicks
Just started reading your books and I love them!!!!
7:10am 08-25-2014
Jill Busack
LOVE!!! your books. can't put them down once I start.
4:49pm 07-10-2014
Heidi Balla
Just finished "A Match Made in Hell"....loved it....thank heavens your website was on the inside of the back cover. Would love a bookmarker if they are still available. But I buy my books and dog ear the corners like crazy. Your books are a fast read and love them
Heidi Balla
72 27th Street N.E.
Cairo, GA 39828
5:07pm 05-31-2014
Karen Snyder
Waiting patiently for the next Nicki Styx...
12:03am 01-14-2014
Julie Mai
Love your books. Can't wait for the next one to come out.
5:29pm 10-27-2013
Joan Woods
Haven't read any of your books yet but hope to do so soon.
4:40pm 10-08-2013
Helen Hayne
I just love reading your books. My only complaint is that they don't come out fast enough
11:13pm 09-24-2013
I'm literally dying to read the next book in the Nicki Styx series! I seriously fan-girled so hard when you wrote me on facebook!
As always, Kisses!
9:15pm 09-10-2013
I really enjoy reading your books. For me its rare that I can re-read a book. I have read these books so many times I had to buy another copy of each on Kindle. Nicki Styx series are my favorites
7:02pm 08-28-2013
I love your books...
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