9:43am 06-10-2012
Leonie rodrigues
Love your books hope. Will the nicki styxx series continue, will there be more on sammy
11:58am 05-28-2012
Dea Shaffer
Love Love Love your books!
4:15am 05-28-2012
i love your book the "devil without a cause" its amazing
10:30pm 05-17-2012
I love all of your books
6:49pm 05-05-2012
Lily Luchesi
Thank you for being an inspiration to me ever since I saw an ad for "Dead Girls Are Easy" in Gothic Beauty Magazine. Your work is chilling.
12:26am 05-02-2012
LeAnne siga
great books
12:25am 05-02-2012
LeAnne Siga
love the books
12:24am 05-02-2012
LeAnne Siga
just starting getting into your books so far i like them
11:16am 04-24-2012
Tracy Lee
I so love your creative writing & the way you bring lessons & humor to my Old School Bible Lessons. Devil Without A Cause & A Devil Named Desire were the first of your books that I read. I must say, look out JR Ward & Sherrilyn Kenyon, I may have a new favorite. Excited for book 3 & going out next week to get Nikki Styx Books.
10:09am 04-19-2012
Ana Branscombe
Just finished A Devil Named Desire, can't wait for book 3 and the Niki novella. Love your books.
4:08pm 03-30-2012
Al Ammons
Books with a bite. Sassy with real people having issues with the other side of life. Hard to put down.
8:37am 03-30-2012
Just finished Dead girls are easy, loved it now i cant wait to get the next one.
3:05am 03-29-2012
melissa gomez
Your book's are great I hope you write the next book after a devil named desire..
3:17pm 03-11-2012
Sonia Cristina
Thanks so much for the delicious Sammy! And Cain too! They are so wonderful. Everything about the books in the Devil's Bargain Series is so good.
12:50pm 03-11-2012
R. Penn
I have read all your when are Sammy and Nicki going to have a love affair?! Nicki can't be good ALL the time! LOL
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