2:46pm 03-04-2012
Patsy Hagen
I have read a few of your books and I have to say, you are one of my favorite authors.
12:33pm 02-16-2012
Sheila White
I LOVED the new book "A devil named desire"! Sammy is great but more Nicki Styx! I miss our favorite southern Goth girl!
10:18pm 02-15-2012
Cheri Perry
Love your books!!!! Keep on writing.....
10:18pm 02-15-2012
Denise Anderson
I always enjoy reading your news letters. They are very entertaining. Thank you.
5:46pm 02-15-2012
Joan Woods
Just stopped in to say hello and Happy Valentine's Day.
5:09pm 02-15-2012
melissa ownsbey
hey will let me know when you get more book plates i really want one
love your books keep them coming can enter more than one of your contest
at a time please let me know
thank you
3:01pm 02-10-2012
I just love your books hoping to see many more to come.
4:16pm 02-05-2012
Love you keep the the wonderful ,fun ,funny books coming
11:16am 02-04-2012
meilssa ownsbey
i love your books they are good keep the books coming
thank you
10:22pm 02-03-2012
Dianne Baumhauer
Just wanted to say I love your books..Thanks for writing them..
5:31pm 02-03-2012
sissy satterfield
I love all of your books.The first story I read was Gouls NIght Out,I loved
it so much I got all of your books and read them all.Needless to say I was
really impressed and totally pulled in to the world of Nikki Styx and
Sammy Devine.
12:20am 02-02-2012
Have read and loved all your books, especially the newest ones. Feel like I should go to confession for being all on Team Sammy : ) BTW, props to the cover of A Devil Named Desire 'cause that is just - oh yeah. Can't wait for the next one!
12:28pm 01-14-2012
I love all the books, am waiting for the new one to come out on the 1-31-12 I do not have an e-reader but thinking about how I am going to get Ghouls night out
9:38pm 12-26-2011
I found dead girls are easy on a Christmas giveaway and couldn't put it down!... I've gotten my sisters and friends to read the series as well and they love it!...Thank you
11:53pm 12-18-2011
Love this series! How can you not? makes me read til late into the night!! Keep giving us these great reads!!
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