7:52am 08-27-2013
Denise Gould
Will there be any more Devil books, loved the Nicki Styx but the Devil and little Cain are brilliant
12:17am 08-27-2013
Margarita Contreras
I love reading and re-reading all of Nicki Styx. So very happy to hear another book will come out 2014. I am so EXCITED-REALLY!
5:40am 06-29-2013
Love your books.
8:35pm 06-21-2013
Lynda Hofbauer
Thank you for all the great reads but, I must confess I Love Nicki's story the best!! Can't wait for the next crop of ghost to pop up and see how that story will play out!!!
6:47pm 06-07-2013
Sheila White
Bring back Nikki!!!!!
7:30pm 06-06-2013
Patricia L
Love your writing
11:56am 06-02-2013
sandy dennis
Love lurking around your web site,and I know one say I will win a come to the dark side t shirt,it's the story of my life. You rock Terri!!
10:04am 06-02-2013
Sharron Riddle Houde
Love your website! And your books!
12:25pm 05-20-2013
Love your books, hoping for more
6:31pm 04-08-2013
inga brown
just read your lst book dead girls are easy loved it now I'm hooked
11:27am 04-05-2013
Arlene Oczkowicz
Just started Nicki Styx series and love it.
Thanks for the fun.
9:27pm 03-30-2013
Joanne Altieri
I love your books. Looking forward to another one. I love paranormal.
8:50pm 03-27-2013
Faith Berry
I love your books. Can't wait for the next ones! I love paranormal.
3:25pm 03-27-2013
Sheila Schwartz
Love your characters! Never to soon to release another great Terri Garey book!!
10:49am 02-03-2013
Terri H
Love your books..waiting for the next
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