4:11am 01-13-2013
I just discovered your books last week, and I'm absolutely in love! Thank you!!
11:35pm 12-30-2012
I love your books!! Can't wait for the next one!!
7:26pm 11-21-2012
katherine Solotwa
I love your books!! LOL Finn 4 Eva!! Great stories and a new exciting perspective in a very full sub-genre. I can't put the Devil's Bargain Series down. Keep them coming PLEASE!
5:28am 11-18-2012
I just love your books and your wonderful characters please dont stop writing I need more of nikki joe sammy evan and butch......
5:14pm 10-28-2012
I looooooove your books <3 they've inspired me to start writing. I hope one day you can read my books! Happy halloween, Creepers <3(:
12:33am 10-24-2012
Patricia Cochran
Terri, I'm signing your guestbook even though I may have already signed
in a million, jillion ages ago. I'm just a wee bit too sleepy to go through all
the entries!

Happy Halloween!

Pat C.
5:30pm 10-23-2012
Cecilia JBH
Hi Terry!
Have a fun &amp; Spooky Halloween!!!
11:07am 10-23-2012
Helen H.
I love your books! Please keep them coming!
9:58am 10-23-2012
Cathy Kline
Love the Nicki Styx series! The light hearted series is a great read. Please keep them coming!
8:36am 10-23-2012
sue leech
Hi Terri, I run a small community library and have a table set up for authors promo items, would love to have some of yours to add the table for my visitors to share. Sue Leech, 1273 Strahan rd,. PA 17856 Questions?
4:23pm 07-21-2012
Love your books! Your take on mythology is facinating and fun. I can't wait to see what you have in store for all my favorite characters, especially Sammy. My only problem with your books is once I pick them up I can't put them down! I know I should work and sleep but I have to finish the book first, it's like an addiction. I guess the "Devil" makes me do it. Please keep them coming, who needs sleep anyway when you can read instead
4:05pm 07-16-2012
I’m not afraid to admit that your books have kept me awake more than a few nights with the lights on! All scares aside, I really hope you continue the Nicki Styx books. Nicki and Evan’s banter cracks me up; it’s so rare to come across a series with romance, ghosts, and humor Thanks for writing them!
5:10pm 06-23-2012
Tracy Finley
Love, love, love the series - all of 'em!! Hurry and give us some more!!!
10:55am 06-23-2012
Judy clárk
Gerry,can't wait for another exciting and mysterious book about nicki and all her friends and family! So please hurry and send us something, I love em all.
11:02pm 06-16-2012
i need a new book!!! i love your books!!! we will you have another book out??? thanks jen
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